Meet the February 2015 Wine of the Month

Decero 2012
Malbec - Mendoza, Argentina

"February’s Wine of the Month is a real find to Flight 102’s cellar!"

Our first featured Malbec comes from the Argentinian Winery known as Decero, meaning “from scratch”. This single vineyard beauty delivers intense aromas of blackberry and violets while delivering flavors of the darkest berries and bitter cocoa.

The finish is polished and “exquisitely balanced” and is the perfect gift for Valentine!

Pick up a bottle and a pair it with a gift certificate from Flight 102 or better yet, bring your sweetheart in for a true Flight 102 experience! Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

Winemaker's Notes:

Located at 3500 feet, in the renowned Mendoza appellation of Agrelo, our one-of-a-kind Remolinos Vineyard takes its name from ‘Remolinos’ – whirlwinds which keep the grapes dry and in perfect condition before being handpicked each vintage.

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